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We design and manufacture exhaust aftertreatment systems for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. Our sustainable engineered solutions achieve the latest global emissions standards for power generation, NRMM, marine, on-road, rail and agriculture applications. Working together with our partners, customers, and suppliers, we create effective new products and technologies, bridging the gap to a net-zero carbon future.

From concept through to manufacturing, our team of experts understand every industry we support has different requirements. Our diverse range of technologies, developed over 44 years, enable us to deliver efficient, quality solutions.
Our emissions reduction technologies for diesel, gas, hybrid, and bio-methane are available for on- and off-road applications for engines from 50KW – 10MW. The future product technologies we are developing, support fuels including hydrogen and ammonia.

Eminox is about making a difference. Together with becoming part of a more environmentally focused manufacturing industry, we strive to improve air quality around the world.
All Eminox products are designed in the UK and manufactured in our state-of-the-art global facilities.

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We believe in helping our staff achieve their career goals. Join more than 250 employees to help deliver innovative new technology for a company which challenges the ordinary to be extraordinary.

Our team work with customers around the globe, sharing ideas and collaborating on technological advancements in the manufacturing industry. Every member of the team plays a vital role in the success of the business to help build trust and relationships.

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01 Aug, 2023

Latest White Paper Discusses Stage VI & Euro 7 Technologies Eminox is Developing

18 Jul, 2023

University of Sheffield Names Research Laboratory After Eminox

19 Jun, 2023

Eminox releases White Paper on The Impact of Stage VI and Alternative Fuels on NRMM

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