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road transport emissions road emissions hydrogen fuel types

Road transport emissions

Eminox believes in creating partnerships for better air quality around the world. We work with businesses, governments, and industry specialists to provide economical routes to compliance for the latest emission requirements. As a Tier I and Tier II supplier, our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Retrofit, Aftermarket and Reman solutions, support both new applications and operators of existing vehicles to achieve the latest heavy duty road emissions legislation. 

We develop modular designs to allow easier access for serviceable components and offer a range of repair and maintenance packages. Our modern facilities produce exhaust aftertreatment systems which meet the latest Euro 6 road transport emissions regulations and the forthcoming Euro 7. 

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road transport emissions road emissions hydrogen fuel types

OEM line-fit solution

Our on-road exhaust aftertreatment systems for combined PM and NOx reduction offer a solution for OEMs to comply to the latest road emissions legislation for a range of applications from 37kW to 350KW. The exhaust aftertreatment systems are developed to minimise the overall package space required and our advanced urea mixing techniques keep the system compact whilst high performance selective catalytic reduction (SCR technology) minimises the overall catalyst volume. Our diesel particulate filter (DPF technologies) unit optimises the exhaust flow distribution under all operating conditions, therefore, maximising service and cleaning intervals to remove particulate matter (PM) effectively and efficiently. 

If you require only PM reduction or only NOx reduction our research and development into new road transport emissions technologies enables us to meet the evolving demands of on-road applications in the journey to net zero, including dual fuel, natural gas (CNG & LNG) and future fuels such as hydrogen fuel types, ammonia, and methanol. These are critical in supporting global drive to a zero-emissions future.  

road transport emissions road emissions hydrogen fuel types

Upgrading older vehicles

Eminox retrofit solutions upgrade your older trucks, buses, and coaches to Euro VI equivalent emissions standards, achieving near zero emissions of particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx, NO2) carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) with our exhaust aftertreatment systems (EATS). 

All our retrofit solutions are approved by the Energy Saving Trust’s Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) for every UK low emission and clean air zone. Over the last 10 years, Eminox Retrofit Solutions have prevented over 25,000 tonnes of N0x from entering the atmosphere, which is a cost of society public health saving of £631 million.

Our experienced engineering team maximise road transport emissions reduction performance by configuring the exhaust aftertreatment system for your heavy duty vehicle, taking consideration of fitting within limited space envelopes. Our modular designs allow easy access to serviceable components to ensure your exhaust aftertreatment system operates efficiently and a range of repair and maintenance packages are available.

Our sophisticated electronic control unit (ECU) actively manages your exhaust aftertreatment system to optimise road emissions reduction and provides you with real-world, real-time data to help manage and maintain your vehicles. Each system is integrated with the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics.

We are the UK’s leading retrofit manufacturer, with over 10,000 vehicles using our road transport emissions reduction technology, which in addition to ensuring your vehicle is Euro VI compliant, also adds value and increases its lifespan. Our emissions reduction technology can upgrade up to 15 buses for the cost of purchasing just one new vehicle, therefore making retrofit the most cost-effective solution for clean air zones, low emission zones and London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

road transport emissions road emissions hydrogen fuel types

Eminox replacement DPF range

The Eminox DPF range of Euro VI diesel particulate filters (DPF) are designed and manufactured to the highest quality in our headquarters and IATF accredited manufacturing facility. Our ever-expanding range currently covers over 80% of on-road Euro VI vehicles, including DAF, Scania, MAN, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, and Mercedes.

Easy fit, direct replacement parts for your vehicles. Our DPF’s are supplied with fully compatible replacement seals and clamps, which are also fully tested to perform at high temperature operating environments.

All Eminox DPFs come with 3-year warranty with unlimited mileage and are fully compliant with type approved clean air zone (CAZ) emissions requirements. Using a high-grade stainless-steel canister improves durability and resists corrosion, tough cordierite and silicon carbide substrates with advanced platinum and palladium catalyst extending DPF durability and performance.

Eminox offer high quality, value for money replacement filters for your vehicles with reliability and confidence built in visit our shop for more details

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