agriculture carbon emissions, oem agriculture, agriculture fuel

Eminox works with heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, designing, and manufacturing agricultural exhaust aftertreatment systems to achieve the latest agriculture emissions regulations and innovate new technologies to support a greener planet. 

We develop modular OEM agriculture products solutions, so your vehicles serviceable components are easily accessed and can benefit from a range of repair and maintenance packages. We design and manufacture reliable, durable exhaust aftertreatment systems, to support agriculture emissions reduction, which meet the latest global emissions standards including Euro, Stage, Tier and NR4 legislation and the quality expectations your customers hold with your brand.

agriculture carbon emissions, oem agriculture and agriculture fuel

Future agriculture fuel technologies for OEM

With a growing emphasis on the environmental impact of agricultural emissions, we create robust emission reduction solutions for diesel, dual fuel, and alternative fuel engines for a range of agricultural vehicles and equipment.

Eminox is renowned for developing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) exhaust aftertreatment solutions across fossil fuel powertrains and latterly across alternative fuels.

The development of these sustainable OEM agriculture solutions is tailored to specific project requirements with the attainment of excellent thermal management properties and installations in challenging space envelopes and timescales.

If you require only particulate matter (PM) reduction or only nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction Eminox’s technologies enables you to meet the latest emissions legislation, including for applications powered by dual fuel, natural gas (CNG & LNG) and future fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol. 

In partnership with New Holland, the first methane powered tractor features our exhaust aftertreatment system, specifically designed to meet Stage V emissions regulations, while delivering the same driving performance as equivalent diesel models. The tractor won Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2022.

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