Alternative fuels


At Eminox we understand the world can no longer rely on fossil fuels and that a range of alternative fuels will power vehicles, vessels, machinery, and equipment now and in the future. Therefore, our expert engineering team is developing and manufacturing pioneering exhaust after treatment systems (EATS) to support a variety of dual, alternative, and future fuels.

We are using our technical know-how to ensure we deliver the best products to meet your industry’s needs. We create specific emissions control technologies which meet the demands of natural gas (CNG and LNG) engines as well as other alternative fuels including methane, hydrogen, biofuel, and ammonia. 

By understanding the complexities of exhaust aftertreatment systems for dual and alternative fuels and the impact future fuels will have on your industry, our pioneering solutions will ensure that emissions standards and compliance will be achieved now and in the future.

OEM Tier 1 and Tier 2 solutions

As fuel diversification becomes more mainstream, you can be reassured that Eminox’s knowledge and capabilities means our team develop solutions which integrate with your applications, making the transition from diesel to future fuels seamless and effective. 

Eminox EATS for natural gas stoichiometric engines complies with Euro VI and equivalent global emissions standards. It is supplied and built into the world’s biggest selling CNG truck which supports global objectives to reduce harmful air pollutants. 

Our designers and engineers problem-solving capabilities ensure the three-way catalyst system effectively reduces methane hydrocarbons (CH4) to efficiently reduce air pollution. 

Natural gas engines operate at typically high exhaust temperatures therefore, the many hours our Eminox team of experts spend on in-house prototyping and testing is invaluable when assessing emissions and performance.

Off-road innovation

Our project with New Holland saw the first methane powered tractor developed without compromising performance over its diesel-powered counterpart. It subsequently won Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2022.

Our expertise and knowledge of exhaust aftertreatment systems will ensure the transition from diesel Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to fuels such as methane, hydrogen, biofuel, ammonia, CNG or a dual-fuel or hybrid solution is straightforward and delivers effective and efficient emissions reduction. 

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