我们的客户是我们做一切事情的核心。我们知道拥有一个值得信赖的产品的重要性。因此,Eminox 与行业专家合作,为道路和越野等一系列应用打造创新的减排解决方案和技术。

我们开发了针对目标发动机类型的系统,包括公共汽车、长途汽车、重型货车 (HGV)、发电机和铁路车辆。

Exceptional emissions reductions

Working with Eminox to embrace SCR technology has delivered crucial value to our total product and service offering. As well as delivering exceptional emissions reductions performance, the flexible suite of exhaust solutions means we can continue to offer high-technological products to meet the engine requirements of tomorrow.

Volvo Penta

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