University of Sheffield Names Research Laboratory After Eminox

A pioneering collaborative PhD research project at The University of Sheffield, which explores new exhaust aftertreatment systems for the combustion of new zero carbon fuels (ammonia) in heavy duty engines, has resulted in the laboratory being named after partner company, Eminox.

As the company is the front runner in the race to develop EATs  for future fuels, Eminox is delighted the University has honoured its reputation by re-naming its laboratory.  The Eminox Green Fuels & Zero Emissions Research Laboratory will be the central hub for the team, which is also a testament to the importance the University is placing on this pioneering work to develop solutions for future fuel technology.

Building on its extensive expertise in delivering EATS for on-road, non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), rail, marine and power generation internal combustion engines (ICE) Eminox, through strategic partnerships and its own research and development department, is pioneering technology solutions to enable the adoption of Carbon-Free Alternative Fuels such as ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen (H2).

“It is critical we learn as much as possible and develop a detailed understanding of the requirements for an exhaust aftertreatment system suitable for NH3-ICE and NH3/Fuel Blends-ICE,” said Dr David Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox. “In collaboration with The University of Sheffield we are proud to be part of and fully supportive of this PhD research project entitled ‘New exhaust aftertreatment systems for the combustion of new zero carbon fuels (ammonia) in heavy duty engines.’”

This research project will gather vital data and statistics which will be used in the development of exhaust aftertreatments systems to support the global net zero vision.

It will:

◦          Assess NOx formation mechanisms via kinetic analysis for the combustion of pure ammonia (NH3) and NH3-fuel blends (H2 and Diesel) for a range of stoichiometric regimes.

◦          Undertake experimental evaluation of NOx reduction efficiencies for an SCR system examining engine-out emissions for the combustion of pure NH3 and NH3-fuel blends.

“This is a fantastic collaboration with the team at The University of Sheffield and we’d particularly like to thank Prof. Bill Nimmo for choosing us to support this vital research that is pivotal in the transition from fossil to future fuels,” said David. “The naming of the laboratory in our honour will leave a lasting legacy of the partnership we formed and the positive outcomes of the project.”

Eminox has been designing and manufacturing pioneering emission reduction technologies for almost 45 years and this valuable research project demonstrates its ongoing commitment to providing solutions which reduce emissions, improve air quality and public health for decades to come.

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