UK emissions solutions company opens first joint venture in India

A UK based designer and manufacturer of global emissions solutions and technologies has opened the doors to its first Indian based business in collaboration with IP Rings (IPR), part of Amalgamations Group, India.


IPR Eminox Technologies, will be based at IP Rings Limited (IPRL) HQ in Chennai. The joint venture will help contribute to India’s future for increased sustainability and self-reliance, as local engineers design products for the local market.

Oliver Ballhatchet MBE, UK Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai officially opened the IPR Eminox Technology Centre, along with representatives from both partners including Mark Runciman, Managing Director, Eminox, Dr Dave Philips, Engineering Director, Eminox and Ram Venkataraman, Managing Director IPR.


“This is a very exciting collaboration, which will allow the development of after treatment systems to suit off- and on-highway emissions regulations which are becoming more stringent across many transportation sectors in India, IPR has a huge presence in India, and together we will be able to draw on each other strengths to expedite the delivery of solutions to meet current and future legislation.”

said Mark Runciman, Managing Director, Eminox.


The venture was established to explore ways to cost effectively meet the Indian BS/TREM V off-highway3 and BS VI Stage 24 niche on-highway emissions standards. Initially, the venture will develop the products for Indian certification and approval. Beginning in April 2024, TREM V will set emissions standards equivalent to the European Stage V regulation and cover applications including agricultural machinery, construction equipment and power generators.


IPR Eminox Technologies combines Eminox’s excellence in engineering solutions to make a significant impact on the global strategy for reducing emissions along with IPRL’s extensive manufacturing capabilities, vast powertrain market knowledge and large, established Indian customer base. Eminox’s UK-based technical engineering team will collaborate closely with the local team, initially targeting the diesel engine market by developing emissions reduction systems.


“We have considerable experience in developing technologies to meet varying emissions regulations and are planning ahead for when TREM V legislation comes into force in 2024, By joining forces with a well-established company that understands manufacturing of vehicle components, we can combine our strengths, bringing together our proven engineering expertise, pioneering focus and technology leadership to design and manufacture the complex new emissions reduction systems required by the new regulations.”

said Mark


The Amalgamation Group is still family-owned-and-operated and mirrors the ethos of Eminox and its parent company, Hexadex Group.

“Our shared company values are very well aligned, enabling this unique opportunity to combine the engine development expertise of IP Rings and the exhaust systems integration capability within Eminox, We are in a great position to meet the challenging Indian emissions regulations.”

said Dave Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox.

Ram Venkataramani, Managing Director, Indian Piston Rings Limited concluded: “It is the trust and respect our two companies have for one another that has enabled us to sign this contract in under 10-months and, also a shared vision of the future that Eminox’s aftertreatment technology holds for the Indian market. We look forward to growing this partnership and relationship to the next level.”

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