The original Eminox stacks now available for Euro 4

New EGR and SCR Euro 4 Eminox Exhaust Stacks

Eminox, the market leader for high-quality replacement exhausts since 1978, will showcase its new stainless steel exhaust systems for Euro 4 vehicles. The Eminox stacks have been developed to adapt both EGR and SCR Euro 4 exhausts, for leading makes including Scania, DAF, Volvo, and MAN. Vertical stacks provide more chassis space to allow vehicle customisation; the range also retains the classic look of the original Eminox stack.

The light and durable stainless steel exhaust range include twin and single stacks as well as underslung systems. The distinctive heat shield of the Eminox stacks is just part of what makes it the most popular choice for truck enthusiasts.

“The arrival of Euro 4 means retrofitting exhaust systems is now much more technically complex,” says Mike Galey, Director of Marketing, Eminox. “Our extensive knowledge of emissions technology means we are best placed to understand the implications of moving or changing after-treatment systems and we believe this new range of exhaust systems offers the most effective and durable Euro 4 solution on the market.”

Eminox developments range from the repositioning of the original OE silencer to complete re-design of the exhaust system including re-canning of catalysts. Eminox uses its emissions expertise to relocate and re-house the manufacturer’s after-treatment system components, without adversely affecting the emissions performance. Specialist equipment used for system design and testing ensures optimum performance.”

Vertical stacks are ideal for specialist vehicles such as cement mixers and refuse collection vehicles, to accommodate the specialised body. Each of the Eminox exhaust stacks can be designed to free extra chassis space for individual customisation requirements, such as folding crane legs and additional tanks. Eminox exhausts are designed to withstand harsh environments. Vertical stacks can provide additional ground clearance ideal for non-road vehicles like quarry trucks and vertical discharge is also ideal where people work in close proximity to the vehicle.

The new exhaust systems retain all these benefits traditionally associated with Eminox exhausts, as well as great looks and longevity. All vertical Eminox stacks come with a comprehensive warranty.

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