TGM Group selects cost-effective Eminox CRT for London LEZ

TGM Group (formally Tellings Golden Miller) are a leading bus and coach operator. Part of the Arriva plc, they specialise in aviation transport. TGM has chosen Eminox’s CRT® (Continuously Regenerating Trap) technology to upgrade 71 vehicles to meet the new London Low Emission Zone requirements.

TGM Group has a total fleet of 420 buses and coaches, 71 of which will not meet the new LEZ phase 4 requirements. Phase 4 introduces a tougher standard of Euro 4 particulate matter (PM) for buses and coaches over 3.5 tonnes.

TGM Group considered a number of options to meet the new rules – including the re-deployment of its vehicles to other areas and the possibility of replacing the non-compliant vehicles altogether – before choosing retrofit with Eminox CRT® technology as the most cost-effective solution.

The Eminox CRT® is a full filtration DPF filter that achieves more than 90% particulate matter reduction and is approved to the new Transport for London (TfL) standards.  CRT® systems are available and proven on a wide range of vehicles – not only buses, but also a variety of trucks – so TGM were confident they had the right solution for their fleet of Scania, Mercedes, Volvo and VDL vehicles. They will be fitted by experienced Eminox technicians and specially trained teams at Scania (Great Britain) Limited, which is an authorised Eminox agent with a total of six branches serving London and the surrounding counties.

Mike Galey, Marketing Director at Eminox, said, “It’s great for us to work with a company like TGM who are planning ahead to get the best solutions for LEZ compliance. Having worked with TGM to meet some of their needs for Phase 2, we are delighted they have come back to us for a complete solution for the next phase.”

Richard Telling, Group Engineering Director at TGM Group, said, “Eminox has an impressive reputation for providing high quality, cost-effective emission control systems.  I am convinced that Eminox and Scania will deliver the quality of service they are known for and that this project will ensure our vehicle fleet is compliant with the new LEZ requirements ahead of time. Eminox offered a great solution and service to allow us to meet phase 2 of the LEZ changes in 2008, and so it is great to work with them again on this project.”

TGM Group’s main operation is to provide passenger transport for both airside and landside operations as well as operating off-pier coaching for a number of airlines at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester airports. TGM also operate Private Hire Coaches and Bus services at a number of strategic locations across the UK including Newcastle, Stansted and Colchester.”

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