SCRT Upgrades for London Buses

Eminox, the UK’s leading emissions technology manufacturer, is today showcasing the latest developments in its SCRT retrofit technology, which has been proven to take Euro II and III buses to emissions levels beyond Euro V.

SCRT is already being used in the UK (Edinburgh and Oxford), Belgium, Spain and Sweden to reduce emissions of PM (particulate matter) NOx(oxides of Nitrogen) HC (hydrocarbons) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) from city buses. Further development of the SCRT system has been driven by new requirements from Transport for London (TfL) to specifically target the NO2 component of NOx emissions from London buses, in addition to maintaining other reductions.

Working closely with catalyst experts at Johnson Matthey, Eminox has developed a new generation of SCRT technology, requiring new catalyst formulations and sophisticated system calibrations. In the case of the London buses, CRT systems were already fitted so SCR technology was added and the whole system re-packaged to fit into the space available.

As part of a TfL pilot project for London buses, this new variant of SCRT technology delivered outstanding results across a range of pollutants, even when operating in urban environments. Independent tests carried out on the MLTB cycle, which simulates London operating conditions, demonstrated reductions of almost 90% of NOx and more than 50% of primary NO2, exceeding targets set by TfL. In addition to the test data, NOx reduction was also measured during normal operation to monitor performance in real time urban conditions.

Prior to the Olympics, 48 Euro III Dennis Darts being used during the games were fitted with the new technology enabling them to operate to emissions standards better than Euro V. An additional 22 buses will be upgraded by March 2013.

Kathye Henderson, Marketing Manager at Eminox said, “Public transport is essential to our economy but older buses do emit higher levels of pollution. It is unrealistic in the current economic climate to expect widespread bus replacement in order to meet tough emissions standards and increasing health concerns. However, our SCRT technology presents a cost-effective solution that is capable of upgrading 15 older buses for the price of one new vehicle, helping improve the quality of air people breath”.

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