Funding Granted for Pioneering Renewable Hydrogen Fuelled Tractor

Eminox, a leading designer and manufacturer of exhaust and emissions control systems for heavy duty vehicles and equipment is delighted to confirm a funding grant as part of the Advanced Propulsion Centres (APC) Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator competition (AMRD2).

In partnership with Dolphin N2, part of the FPT/IVECO Group, CNH Industrial a leading global machinery supplier for agriculture and construction and Engas Global Ltd, a UK based SME specialising in electrolyses, hydrogen compressors and system integration the project – HYCULTURE – will demonstrate a farm tractor with a clean efficient engine fuelled by hydrogen made on the farm from renewables.

“This is a great achievement by the team and is pivotal in driving forward alternative and future fuel solutions for heavy duty vehicles, and in this case, those pertaining to agriculture,” said David Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox. “Projects, such as these supported by APC, give huge support to businesses like ours, to continue developing tangible solutions to challenges faced by vehicle owners and operators as we continue the journey to net-zero.”

Lead partner Dolphin N2 will use advanced turbocharging, intercooling and valvetrain design to deliver clean power while retaining simple, robust fuel injection. The low NOx emissions inherent in lean-burn will be further abated by advanced emission control by Eminox, targeting emissions towards “zero impact”. The engine will be integrated into a tractor by CNH Industrial, using a production methane-powered tractor as a starting point. By using green Hydrogen from Engas, HYCULTURE will showcase a circular economy of locally generated hydrogen suitable for farms, construction sites, and wider distributed production that avoids dependency on large grid connection.

David concluded; “This is hugely exciting for all four partners, and we are looking forward to building on the great work we have already done to deliver this project within the 12-month time frame.”

The APC project was launched in 2020 to support the UK industry transition to a net zero automotive supply chain. £11m has been given in Government support through APC and matched by industry funding with a range of UK based SMEs and multi-nationals benefitting.

Over £22.7m has been awarded to the successful applicants who now complete and deliver a fast-start product, system of vehicle within 12 months. The final products will be showcased at Cenex-LVC Cenex-CAM, which is taking place this week, at its 2023 event.

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