The team is delighted to attend its fourth exhibition in as many weeks; Rolling Stock Networking taking place at Derby Arena on 4th July 2024.

This international rail show is attended by many prestigious businesses working in the rail industry.

Our team will showcase our real-world tested exhaust aftertreatment systems, silencers and specialist pipes.

These products and technologies provide emission reduction solutions, to the rail industry, which have been deployed globally in support of rail policies adopted to ensure compliance to the latest standards.

Strong rail heritage

Our strong heritage, of nearly 30-years in rail, has seen us design and manufacture exhaust aftertreatment systems, silencers and specialist insulated pipes for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as customers requiring retrofit solutions and we are accredited to the world standard for rail welding – BS EN 15085-2:2007 CL1.

Our experience in delivering rail emission reduction solutions to rolling stock leasing companies and train manufacturers sees harmful emissions reduced by over 80% including particulate matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx, NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) from the rail network.

Meeting your requirements

Working to legislative standards across the globe, our exhaust aftertreatment systems bridge the gap to a net zero carbon future. Alongside routine maintenance and overhaul schedules Eminox provides full exhaust systems, including specialist pipes and silencers which extends rolling stock life.

We endeavour to create partnerships across the rail industry to achieve robust and durable solutions which businesses, governments, and industry specialists’ demand.

Our team, James Thorpe and Toby Stevenson-Cocks can be found on stand O7.

Or, to learn more about the solutions we offer to the rail industry click here.

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