Eminox systems approved for LEZ to 2012 – and beyond

New certification confirms Euro1 vehicles can be upgraded to Euro 4 particulate matter standards – extending their life in London

Eminox, the largest exhaust and emissions control systems supplier in the UK, has received official approval that endorses Eminox systems to upgrade Euro 1 vehicles to the particulate matter (PM) standards of Euro 4. Based on TfL’s Low Emissions Certificate (LEC) this allows vehicles to comply with phase 2 of the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and so operate in London beyond 2012.

This approval is in addition to existing RPC (Reduced Pollution Certificate) which already approves Eminox systems to upgrade Euro I vehicles to Euro III PM standards; or Euro II to Euro IV.

“With LEZ enforcement only months away Eminox is delighted to be able to offer a solution that maximises the investment made in upgrading vehicles to LEZ standards,” said Mike Galey, Director of Marketing at Eminox.

“Even though we were confident that our technologies could upgrade even Euro 1 vehicles to this standard, we wanted formal approval so we could confirm to operators that they were eligible for the right certificates. The company’s Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) and Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) systems can reduce particulate matter from diesel engine exhausts by more than 90%.”

With the first vehicles being affected from February 2008, and information now available on pre-Euro 3 vehicles which may be compliant, it’s vital that operators make a decision on the best solution for them. For those ordering now, Eminox has the flexibility to book fittings at intervals which suit operators. However, if too many operators wait until the last minute, even as the UK’s largest supplier, Eminox would struggle to cope with this surge in demand.

To meet the already high demand, Eminox has increased production capacity at its UK factory and extended its fitting locations. In addition to Gainsborough and Stoke branches, are 5 newly approved Pullman centres in Enfield, Thurrock, Avonmouth, Manchester and Tamworth. Pullman fleet maintenance technicians at these centres have been specially trained to fit Eminox CRT® and FBC systems.

The Eminox CRT® system has already been used in retrofit schemes for city buses across Europe, including London and Paris. With almost 50,000 systems supplied to date, it is the market’s leading system with proven reliability. The development of active regeneration for the Eminox FBC system will allow it to be used on a greater range of vehicles with smaller engines and lighter duty cycles, making it ideal for vehicles operating in cities.

“Eminox can now offer approved solutions to extend the life of vehicles of all ages, meeting the most stringent pollution reduction requirements of the LEZ with the most comprehensive fitting and maintenance support,” concludes Galey.

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