Eminox SCRT Retrofit Technology Breakthrough

Test results on the latest development in retrofit emissions reduction technology have shown it can deliver outstanding results across a range of pollutants.

The data from a Euro III bus retrofitted with Eminox SCRT technology has demonstrated emissions results that not even today’s Euro V vehicles are expected to achieve. This new development of SCRT technology is now being applied to London’s buses as part of a pilot project run by Transport for London (TfL).

SCRT technology from Eminox has already been used to reduce emissions of Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) as part of clean up programmes in Spain, Belgium, Edinburgh and Oxford. The system combines diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction technology and is designed for retrofit to heavy-duty vehicles.

The requirements for the London project presented new challenges, with a need to specifically target Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) as well as maintaining other reductions. This challenge was key in driving the development of a new generation of SCRT technology.

Independent tests were carried out on the MLTB cycle, which simulates London operating conditions. The new SCRT system was able to reduce NOx by almost 90% and NO2 by more than 50%, with Euro VI compliant secondary emissions.

Kathye Henderson, Marketing Manager at Eminox, commented: “We are delighted with these test results which lead the way in retrofit emissions reduction.  The use of a London test cycle which will be backed by in-use data, also confirms without a doubt that SCR technology can be effective in urban environments.”

The development of the new system required new catalyst formulations along with extensive system calibration.  The company stresses that there is much work to be done to ensure that these types of reductions can be achieved on other vehicles, but believes the results show a real breakthrough in emissions technology.

This offers real hope that older vehicles can be upgraded and used long into the future, as the need to reduce emissions, particularly from transport, increases.

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