Eminox SCR technology to reduce pollution in Hong Kong

Eminox, a leading designer and manufacturer of emissions reduction systems, has confirmed its involvement in a £3m project to reduce NOx pollution in Hong Kong. The scheme will see buses retrofitted with the latest in emission control technology to help make Hong Kong a safer environment to live and work.

Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) aims to upgrade 1,400 buses with retrofit Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to dramatically reduce NOx. A pre-qualification programme is currently taking place, which has seen Eminox, as one of four suppliers, already retrofit 23 buses with SCR systems, effectively achieving a full SCRT system. The systems are delivering NOx reduction well beyond the 60% scheme requirement.

Steve Rawson, head of retrofit engineering at Eminox, commented: “We are delighted to be involved with such a high-profile international project to tackle on-street pollution in Hong Kong. By retrofitting the existing fleet of buses, we can improve air quality in an area which urgently needs attention – without the high costs associated with replacing an entire fleet. Our SCR technology delivers proven real world NOx reduction that can make a real difference to air quality.”

In a bespoke project approach, engineers monitored the temperature at which the buses were operating and measured the packaging envelope using laser scanning, then designed the system to exceed performance targets. Eminox produced different system designs to fit the limited space envelope on a variety of buses.

Fitting of the systems by Eminox applications engineers began in October 2014 and spanned a period of 32 days. Real-world NOx reduction is continuously monitored using sensors fitted to the buses and will continue over the 12 month trial period.

Following the pre-qualification programme, approved suppliers will be invited to participate in a large scale roll-out, to retrofit the remaining buses in 2016.

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