Eminox releases White Paper on The Impact of Stage VI and Alternative Fuels on NRMM

Eminox has released its latest white paper, which highlights the impact that Stage VI, and net zero alternative fuels will have on the delivery of emissions targets for off-highway applications.

Delving into the perceived and actual impact surrounding enhanced emissions compliance and vehicle or equipment upgrades, and how this will translate across the off-highway sectors, the paper also looks at global emission reduction goals and the part net zero fuels will play in further lowering emissions.

Dr. David Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox commented; “Our teams are driving forward new exhaust aftertreatment system (EATS) technologies to support anticipated Stage VI requirements and have been conducting extensive research and concurrent projects for some time now to fully understand the integration of a range of alternative fuels as power options.

“This means that when manufacturers decide on a net zero fuel to power their different applications, Eminox will already have conducted the research to efficiently develop the EATS required to tackle the emissions generated and ensure ongoing compliance.”

Stage VI will be the natural progression of Euro 7 and it is expected this will become the required standard in 2029-2030 for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), Rail and European Inland Waterways.

Dr Philips continued: “Stage VI will bring some benefits to further emissions reductions, however, the biggest win lies firmly with the development of net zero fuels and systems to support them.

“They will play a crucial and significant role in future mobile and stationary power systems, and we are developing systems to facilitate this and pioneer technologies for a greener planet.”

Visit our customers section and download your copy of the new Stage VI and Future Fuels White Paper

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