Eminox releases latest white paper on emissions regulations in the global shipping industry

A leading designer and manufacturer of emissions technologies and solutions has released its latest white paper which tackles the challenges of compliance and emissions regulations in the global shipping industry.

Exploring the latest regulations and legislation and the myriad of implications for the global shipping industry, the paper supports all sectors to understand what is required and how compliance can be achieved.

“This is perhaps one of the most ambiguous sectors for emissions requirements, and often feels counterintuitive against the backdrop of driving the highest standards possible across all geographical regions,” said Dr David Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox. “Raising awareness of current legislation, presenting solutions to achieve compliance, and tackling the future regulations head on will help everyone, from engine manufacturers and shipbuilders to operators and compliance bodies, understand how we can help the marine industry become a leader in tackling global emissions.”


With over 90% of world trade transported by sea, it is not surprising the emissions generated by the shipping industry makes it one of the world’s largest producers of air pollution.


“Reducing marine emissions remains a global focus, and it is essential that as an industry we deliver solutions which will enable us to meet the IMO target of 50% reduction in GHG by 2050,” said David. “To achieve this we need stronger legislation, applicable to both the original installation and retrofit of marine vessels, to accelerate emissions reduction.  Importantly, there is also an urgent need for the harmonisation of global marine legislation.


“Because Eminox understands the need for systems which are compact, easily controlled, and compatible with a range of marine and stationary/power generation engines, we can use our expertise, global understanding and manufacturing capabilities to deliver future proofed compliance.”


To access the full white paper visit https://eminox.com/downloads/



Access the whitepaper

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