Eminox opens London Service Centre

To provide customers in the London area with a full support service, including fitting, filter servicing and exchange

Eminox, the UK’s largest manufacturer of emission control systems, today announced the opening of its new London service centre. After four years working in partnership, Eminox has joined forces with London-based Capital Repair Technology Ltd to provide service support for systems fitted on vehicles in and around London. This includes the many systems fitted to upgrade vehicles to Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards.

Located near the M25 in Egham, Surrey, Capital Repair Technology has been an important fitting centre for Eminox products, particularly since the launch of the LEZ last year. Already an established fitting and maintenance centre for exhaust and emission control systems, the new Eminox London Service Centre has facilities for servicing the full range of heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles. The existing Capital Repair facility will be utilised whilst plans for new premises are being developed.

Eminox Director of Marketing Mike Galey said: “We are delighted to have made a deal with Capital Repair Technology that will allow Eminox to provide a comprehensive service to our customers in the London area. Since we first partnered with Capital four years ago, its skill set, professionalism and expertise have always been impressive. These qualities will allow Eminox to hit the ground running, offering excellent service in our new London Service Centre from day one.”

With over 10,000 Eminox emission control systems on vehicles in the London area, the company’s new service station is backed by mobile servicing units and will provide customers with a full support service, including fitting, filter servicing and exchange.

Steve Mclone, former owner of Capital Repair Technology, has joined Eminox and will continue to run the Service Centre. Steve said: “We use our technical know-how combined with flexibility to deliver a high-quality service and this will continue. Now we are looking forward to developing the opportunities that being part of Eminox will bring to enhance our service offer.”P

The new Eminox London Service Centre will continue to support existing Capital Repair Technology customers, employing fully trained customer service staff and service engineers. The London Service Centre will operate in addition to the existing Eminox service centre in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

An important service from both branches is to provide annual filter servicing, this is a critical part of maintaining the performance and longevity of emission control systems. Eminox has developed a specialist reconditioning process that rejuvenates the filter. Filters serviced by Eminox are professionally reconditioned and backed by a 12-month warranty for reconditioned filters.

Eminox service centres will be able to offer Filter Servicing options which are tailored to meet customers’ needs and designed to minimise vehicle downtime.

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