Eminox launch Truckminder theft deterrent at CV Show 2012

Eminox, the UK’s leading manufacturer of diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems for commercial vehicles has launched a theft deterrent to protect these valuable systems.

Theft of catalyst and DPF systems is increasingly common, particularly for commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, with thousands stolen every year. This is becoming a serious issue for vehicle owners who face costs for not only replacement systems but also any additional repair costs to the vehicle. They can also face a potential loss of earnings and customers whilst the vehicle is off the road.

Eminox can now exclusively offer the TruckMinder® theft deterrent system, which was launched at this year’s CV Show. This high tech protection system means vehicles are no longer an easy target as the system protects the entire DPF unit and battery.

The TruckMinder protection system is specifically designed for catalysts and DPF systems and uses the latest microcontroller technology. A sensor is fitted to the DPF and any attempt to cut or short circuit the cables, or to disconnect the battery, triggers a high decibel alarm. Fitting a GSM auto dialling modem is optional, but gives the added benefit of sending theft alert text messages to assigned mobile phones. False alarms are prevented as the unique patented sensor recognises and rejects normal non-threatening events.

Kathye Henderson, Marketing Manager at Eminox says: “Theft of catalysts and filters is on the increase. HGV’s are a prime target because they have larger systems with more precious metal. We wanted to offer help with this problem and the Truckminder system provides a package of protection options we think are the best solution for vehicle owners.”

“Never before has it been so important to protect your vehicles,” says Filip de Kock at Truck Minder Worldwide Ltd. “We manufacture in the UK using only the highest quality components, this unique theft-deterrent system comes with everything required for quick and efficient installation. We are excited to be working with Eminox, who is well known in this industry and have supplied thousands of DPF systems in the UK alone.”

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