Eminox helps German drive for cleaner air

Eminox CRT® retrofit technology approved for German low emission zones and new MAUT Toll

Eminox, the market leader for retrofit exhaust emissions technology in Europe, has been granted German approval for its CRT® (Continuously Regenerating Trap) technology to be used to reduce the emissions in heavy-duty diesel vehicles affected by the low emissions zones in Germany and increased MAUT Toll.

Approved by the German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), Eminox’s CRT® diesel particulate filter contributes to improving local air quality by virtually eliminating dangerous particulate matter – including ultrafine particles from heavy-duty diesel engines. After passing a series of rigid particle and noise emission tests, the CRT® was approved for retrofitting emissions equipment onto Euro III with pending approvals for Euro I and II vehicles in Germany.

From 1st January 2009, German truck operators were incentivised to reduce their emissions levels when a new emissions-based MAUT toll increase took effect. With a sliding scale toll increase of 50-90 per cent, those trucks with lower emissions than their basic class will qualify for a lower rate when travelling on the Autobahn. Euro II and III trucks fitted with an emission control system qualify for this toll reduction.

Along with the benefits of a reduced MAUT Toll increase, operators’ are choosing to upgrade their Euro II and III CVs with diesel particulate filters to ensure compliance with the country’s E-Zone schemes introduced last year. On 1st January next year vehicles with anything under a Euro III emission standard will not be allowed entry into some of the country’s 28 urban E-Zones. The number of German E-Zones will grow to 39 by the end of 2010.

Along with working directly with individual operators, Eminox CRT® technology has been selected by Iveco Trucks to supply the diesel particulate filters for their heavy duty retrofit filter programmes. The filters will be available through their dealer networks.

The Eminox CRT is the market-leading emissions control system endorsed by European transport authorities and approved for compliance with Low Emission Zones in The Netherlands, Great Britain and Denmark.

“Like many countries in Europe, Germany is concerned about particulate matter pollution in its cities,” said Mike Galey, Director of Marketing, Eminox. “The E-Zone expansion and emissions-correlated MAUT Toll discounts are both well considered policies to drive down dangerous emissions and increase local air quality throughout Germany.”

Galey continued, “By approving Eminox CRT® technology, the German government is offering fleet operators a viable alternative to replacing older, more polluting vehicles. Operators now have the option to choose an efficient, cost-effective retrofit solution which delivers the highest standards of emission control and makes the best business sense.”

As Europe’s leading low emission zone retrofit provider, in 2009 Eminox is investing resources in Germany to help operators to cost-effectively upgrade their vehicles in order to effectively meet compliance levels and minimize MAUT Toll liability.

Eminox has strengthened its German team by appointing Detlef Plachta as Technical Sales Engineer. Appointed in December 2008, Plachta will strengthen Eminox’s German sales team in response to the strong demand for diesel particulate filters for commercial vehicles wishing to enter the E-zones and pay a lower rate of MAUT Toll on the Autobahns.

Plachta has worked in the German truck market for many years. A qualified motor mechanic, Plachta joined Eminox and brought with him an intimate knowledge of the market, and will be able to answer customers’ sales and technical enquiries. The appointment strengthens Eminox’s position in Germany, which will be critical as the country experiences increased demand for diesel particulate filters amongst operators wishing to meet the new German low emission zones requirements.

The Eminox CRT® system has been used in retrofit schemes in Holland, London, Paris, Denmark, and Belgium; almost 60,000 emissions systems have been supplied to date.

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