Eminox DPFs Tick All the Boxes

Neil Koston, Aftermarket Product Manager at Eminox, looks at why the company has introduced a range of direct fit replacement Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) for light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Having worked in workshops, motor factors and at parts manufacturers, Neil understands that a balance of price and quality is required at each level of the supply chain.

“Ever more stringent EU legislation means that all commercial vehicles are now fitted with diesel particulate filters in the exhaust system. DPFs reduce particulate matter in diesel engine exhausts by trapping particles. The latest DPFs are highly effective at cutting emissions, trapping even the smallest soot particles produced as the engine burns diesel fuel.

A DPF is a serviceable, replacement item like oil and air filters. Correct maintenance and replacement is required throughout the life of the vehicle. The replacement period of a DPF is dependent on various factors; the materials used to make it, fuel quality, driving style, oil consumption and the how the vehicle is maintained.

Against this background and the Eminox commitment to tackle air pollution from diesel vehicles, we have developed a range of replacement diesel particulate wall flow filters which are new replacement parts for the OEM filters.

Many aftermarket DPFs are manufactured using a cordierite substrate. With the experience Eminox have with DPFs – being a pioneer of the technology in 1995 – we realise that, without knowing the specific use of the vehicle, it is important to use silicon carbide rather than cordierite.  Silicon carbide offers higher maximum operating temperatures, low thermal expansion and resistance to thermal stress.

Tried and Tested
Our new range of replacement DPFs for the aftermarket has been designed to meet the strict European standards expected to be implemented soon, a requirement that is even more important following recent emissions scandals. Our DPFs for light commercial vehicles are manufactured to ISO9001.

The Eminox replacement DPF range covers more than 70% of light commercial vehicles factory fitted with a unit and regulated by Euro 4 emissions standards. That covers most Euro 4 compliant vehicles, such as the popular Mercedes Sprinter, as well as vans manufactured by Citroën, Fiat, Nissan, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Our development plan for 2016 & 2017 will see further DPFs for Euro 4 and Euro 5 light commercial vehicles, as well as Euro 6 DPFs for heavy duty commercial vehicle fitment and a range of EGR Valves.

The Aftermarket Parts range has been designed with each level of the aftermarket supply chain kept in mind. Parts dealers and distributors will benefit from each filter being supplied in a box, which prevents damage during transportation and is easier to stack than loose or bagged parts. Within the box, the DPF will be a winner with workshop owners; as well as the Eminox DPF, you will find all of the fitting components included – rather than having to reuse worn components or order them separately – and a booklet giving diagnostic assistance.

Our DPFs come with a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty, ensuring that the vehicle owner will have confidence in the part that has been fitted. The Eminox branch network in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden offers customers access to our emissions specialists.

Emissions Expertise
Developing a range of DPFs for the European aftermarket is a logical progression for us, because it leverages our expertise in supplying both commercial vehicle manufacturers and retrofit markets. Although this is a premium quality range, we have been able to achieve a value proposition that allows workshops to make substantial savings against a replacement DPF from the original vehicle manufacturer. This makes the range an excellent fit for workshop operators and a great business opportunity for parts distributors looking to push ahead in this sector. Due to a lack of good quality DPFs being available, many workshops are being forced to either buy from, or direct the customer to the OEM dealer network.

Eminox would like to advise commercial vehicle operators that poor quality filters may not be suitable for the regeneration strategy of the DPF, so could easily be damaged. Choosing a replacement OEM filter can also be unnecessarily expensive for those who go down the route of sourcing from the original vehicle manufacturer. By leveraging our expertise in vehicle exhaust emissions category, we have created a range that offers both performance and value for money.”

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