Eminox Develops New Compact Spark Arrestor

Innovative engineering solution for use in Hazardous Environments

Eminox, one of Europe’s leading exhaust engineering and design innovators to OEMs and the aftermarket, has announced the development of a new ATEX approved compact spark arrestor for use in potentially explosive environments. Cheaper, lighter and 45% smaller than a standard spark arrestor the flexible design can be customised to meet the demanding space constraints of specialist vehicles.

What is a spark arrestor?

Fitment of a type approved spark arrestors as part of a complete exhaust system is an important safety and legal requirement for vehicles operating in environments where flammable vapours, powders or gases are present. This includes sites where petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, paints, adhesives and certain food materials are processed. Eminox’s compact spark arrestor has received ATEX approval for use in the following environments:

– Explosive environments (Zone 1) such as oil refineries

– Mining and non-mining (Category 2)

– Gas and dust environments (Ex I M2 II 2GD IIC)

Arrestor Spark Features

Manufactured from durable, high-grade stainless steel, the compact spark arrestors incorporate self-cleaning technology and uses cyclonic action to separate incandescent particles from the gas stream and hold particles until they are extinguished. The system is tailored for each specific application or vehicle type can be mounted horizontally or vertically and features 360° flexibility on inlet and outlet orientation, enabling considerable versatility in installation.

Using a single spark arrestor the range of engine applications covers power levels from 41kW-657kW and could go beyond with multiple spark arrestors; and is demonstrated to reduce back pressure by an average of 22%, potentially reducing fuel costs. Eminox’s engineers will incorporate the compact spark arrestors into the exhaust system to comply with manufacturers’ back pressure limits and can combine existing vehicle silencers where required. However, as the system significantly reduces flow generated noise, the need for a separate silencer unit can often be avoided.

“We’ve listened attentively to our customers and engineered an innovative solution to the issue of limited space,” says Jog Lall, Sales & Marketing Director at Eminox. “The Eminox compact spark arrestor’s flexible design meets a genuine real-world need and is customized to suit a range of specific applications and vehicle types.”

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