Eminox and Magnomatics collaborate to explore CO2 emissions reduction from passenger transport

Eminox and Magnomatics collaborate to explore CO2 emissions reduction from passenger transport

Innovate UK-funded project combines emissions control expertise and zero carbon Magsplit technology

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK: Emissions control business Eminox today announced a ground-breaking project with magnetic drive components manufacturer Magnomatics to enable passenger transport vehicles to reduce their environmental impact when in operation. Funded by an Innovate UK grant of almost £300k, the Vaircon project aims to reduce the environmental impact of passenger vehicles through mild hybridisation to reduce CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption.

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By bringing together Eminox’s skills in integrating emissions reducing technology and Magnomatics’ Magsplit electromagnetically operated transmission, the project will enable passenger transport vehicles to run air conditioning systems without the engine on. Working together, the project partners will develop this innovative new solution, tailored to meet the exact requirements of each vehicle type. Once created, tested and proven it will be manufactured in the UK.

The solution will significantly reduce emissions in depots and stations, lowering toxic NOx and particulate matter (PM) and greenhouse gases such as CO2 which impact on public health. At the same time, it will lower fuel consumption and costs for operators. This mild-hybridisation technology will contribute to achieving UK net zero carbon emissions targets, as well as enabling further developments of Electric Vehicle drivetrain components.

“This UK project has the power to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of passenger transport operators, which will help achieve net-zero emissions goals,”

“It also demonstrates Eminox’s ability to diversify, building on our strengths in exhaust aftertreatment technologies to contribute to emissions reduction across other drivetrain components.”

Carlos Vicente, Retrofit & Aftermarket Sales Director, Eminox.

The six-month project, which began on 1st October 2020, is funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and delivered through Innovate UK. This covers manufacturing, design, scanning, specifying equipment, creation of test rigs and bench testing, with the aim of performing real-world testing on vehicles following the successful completion of the project.

“This project represents an opportunity to expand the application of our revolutionary Magsplit technology to an entirely new product that will help OEMs and end users meet future CO2 reduction targets for public service vehicles,”

“The project is especially exciting for Magnomatics, as the manufacturing opportunity will be locked in the UK at our Sheffield site.”

David Latimer, CEO, Magnomatics.

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