Eminox and Johnson Matthey announce waste-to-biofuel partnership

Emissions reduction specialist to design and manufacture products for innovative Johnson Matthey/BP Fischer Tropsch technology

In a move that will accelerate the growth of the biofuel market, Eminox and Johnson Matthey have signed a major new agreement. Under the partnership with Johnson Matthey, Eminox has developed an engineered solution to package the catalyst within the Fischer Tropsch (FT) novel reactor technology that Johnson Matthey and BP have jointly developed.

Product design is already complete, with manufacturing at Eminox’s UK facility scheduled to begin in autumn 2019. The new products will then be shipped to the United States and sold by Johnson Matthey to the world’s first plant to manufacture renewable fuels from municipal waste.

The innovative packaging solution ensures optimum catalyst utilisation within the FT process, which is being used to convert municipal solid waste feedstock, or household rubbish that would otherwise be landfilled, into a low-carbon, renewable transportation fuel. Able to operate at both large and small scale, the technology economically converts synthesis gas into long-chain hydrocarbons suitable for the production of diesel and jet fuels.
Mark Runciman, Managing Director, Eminox.

“Our new partnership with Johnson Matthey marks an extremely positive start to 2019. By working with us, JM recognises our engineering excellence and commitment to UK manufacturing. This agreement extends our product range into an exciting new area, promising substantial growth, while helping to turn landfill waste or other biomass sources into useful aviation biofuels and improving the environment for us all.”

This new agreement builds on the existing partnership between Eminox and Johnson Matthey. Eminox’s world-leading range of emissions control systems already incorporate Johnson Matthey’s CRT® and SCRT® catalyst technologies, with the two companies having worked together for over 24 years.

Eugene McKenna, Business Development and Innovation Director, Johnson Matthey.

“At Johnson Matthey we are committed to making the world a cleaner and healthier place, and our FT technology aims to help decarbonise transportation and increase the use of renewable fuels. Through our long-term relationship we know Eminox’s strengths and capabilities, which makes the company the perfect partner to help bring our world-leading technology to market.”


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