Approved: Eminox named as authorised LEZ compliance checker

Combined system fitting and testing now available in one stop

Just over a month since the first wave of the London Low Emission Zone took effect, Eminox, the UK’s largest manufacturer of emissions control systems, has been granted Authorised Examiner status to conduct Reduced Pollution Certificate (RPC) and Low Emission Certificate (LEC) testing.

Eminox’s 19 approved examiners will allow the company to provide operators with a complete, one-stop LEZ compliance solution; covering everything from system design, manufacturing, fitting, and now an official LEZ compliance checker service for operators to prove their compliance.

Nick Fairholme, Head of the London Low Emission Zone, said: “This new service gives operators the opportunity to get their pollution abatement equipment fitted and tested by the authorised examiner on site. It will reduce the amount of time that a vehicle needs to be taken off the road and provides a ‘one stop shop’ for operators keen to get their vehicles back in service as soon as possible”.

Giving operators greater choice in how they certify their LEZ compliance, Eminox’s newly approved testing service is being offered as an alternative to a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) test, which until now has been the only certification route available to fleet operators.

Eminox is already an approved LEZ supplier, offering two solutions; the Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) or Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) system, both of which can give LEZ compliance beyond 2012. Operators who choose to retrofit their vehicles with Eminox can now be offered a complete package to include system fitting and compliance testing at the same location. The company’s 19 examiners are spread across eight locations nationwide, and mobile testing service is also in operation. Following the completion of the testing, Eminox will provide the relevant documentation to VOSA, who will then issue the RPC or LEC certificate directly to the operator.

Mike Galey, Director of Marketing at Eminox, said: “Many operators have told us how difficult it can be to have their vehicle off the road for fitting and then testing, so we are very pleased to now offer a LEZ compliance checker service which combines these in one place at one time.”

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