Air Quality Plan to Support Retrofit SCRT

The headline news in the UK air quality plan, published on 26 June 2017, was the intention to stop sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040, but what can be done to improve air quality now?

The plan backs the use of innovative retrofit technologies like Eminox SCRT, that can reduce emissions by 99%.

The retrofit option is expected to be particularly important for heavy duty vehicles, including buses and coaches. The plan states that ‘The UK government believes that the continued development, promotion and implementation of innovative retrofit technology will be an important element of reducing emissions of NOx and help bridge the gap in the journey towards zero emissions by 2050. The UK government expects local authorities to set a lead in cleaning up their own fleets and meeting local air quality objectives. It also expects local authorities to assess the benefits that retrofitting, in particular of public transport fleets in Clean Air Zones, could have on reducing local pollution levels’.

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