Empleo en Eminox

En Eminox, tenemos por principio ayudar a nuestro personal a descubrir su verdadero potencial en la profesión correcta. Somos más que una empresa de fabricación, ofrecemos soluciones con diseño sostenible integrando la innovación, desarrollando nuevas tecnologías y estableciendo relaciones duraderas con nuestros clientes.

Nuestro equipo colabora, comparte y se asocia con clientes de todo el planeta. Como parte de ese equipo, usted tendrá todas las oportunidades para desarrollar sus aptitudes y conocimiento para apoyar los objetivos de la empresa.

Nuestros más de 300 empleados disfrutan de la flexibilidad de trabajar en un entorno que les permite experimentar nuevos retos y oportunidades todos los días. Nos esforzamos por ofrecer las soluciones más valiosas a nuestros mercados en continua evolución.


I have always been a hands on learner and becoming a welder gave me a sense of achievement, there is always something new to learn at Eminox.

- Lydia, Welder


My apprenticeship with Eminox has provided me with experience in a range of different roles in manufacturing, this has been exciting, interesting and a good starting point in my career.

- Alistair, Apprentice


Working with Eminox provided me with on the job training, enabling me to carry out payroll duties without having any previous experience

- Charlotte, Purchase Ledger


Eminox is growing and growing at a fast rate, creating so many opportunities to get stuck in and progress. I have gained a lot of knowledge working with Eminox and now speak up confidently about ideas I believe in.

- Tom, Commercial Buyer


I joined Eminox after Graduating, this has allowed me to follow my education and gain the practical skills and knowledge I need to progress in my career.

- Lucy, Marketing Assistant


Eminox is a very ambitious company that has clear leadership and plan for the future. Working with Eminox allows you to have an input and gives you responsibility to assist in the growth plans.

- Neil, Aftermarket Manager

What makes us industry leaders

People at Eminox

Since January 2017, our headcount increased over 30%. We invest in our staff to help them reach their full potential and meet the high standards our customers expect

Career progression

We value our staff and invest in their training and development. From the beginning of 2017 over 50 employees have secured a different role in the business following recognition of their development

Global opportunities

In the last 12-months, our staff been all around the world, including visiting North America, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Switzerland.

Continuous investment

Over £4 million was invested in Eminox in 2018. This has been dedicated to improving software, installing state-of-the-art equipment and developing our people


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