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Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
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We are looking for a CFD Engineer to join our current team.

In a broad sense, the Engineering Department in Eminox covers design, development, validation, technical project planning and implementation of product for manufacture, right from new product introduction to current product support. Introduction of technology into products and implementation of tools and processes to design and develop a robust product remain key for the department.

The role requires that you be able suit an individual with a sound experience/knowledge of flow dynamics and someone who feels challenged with product development and integration of analysis led design approaches, displaying a proven track record. Ability to execute advanced multi-phase flow analysis for complex systems and fundamental knowledge of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and laminarity of flow will be needed.

Person Specification

• BSc, BEng (Mechanical, Automotive, Machine Design)
• MEng (with specialisation in fatigue, durability, automotive system design)

Knowledge and Experience:
• Carrying out preparation for CFD analysis: Modelling, creating fluid domains, mesh development, setting up boundary conditions, input settings and checking for convergence of solutions.
• Validating automotive products for performance and flow dynamics using computational techniques across various loading conditions
• Heat Transfer and Multi-phase flow analysis techniques for performance parameters to be assessed against requirements
• Ability to understand customer requirements for performance assessment and carry out specific CFD tasks to check against the requirements
• Interpreting the analysis results to a professional level and making product design recommendations to meet requirements
• Documentation of results compared against requirements, preparation of technical reports and presentation of results to a wider audience
• Ability to identify and deliver on the requirements – time and data quality (project management and quality)
• Ability to multi-task and work in cross-functional teams
• Support method and process development within Eminox CFD and performance testing to promote work carried out to the highest standards

• Experience of working with hot gas/exhaust systems, thermal analysis
• Spray characterisation
• Mixing efficiency and flow dynamics at high temp/high flow conditions
• Awareness or user level experience of improving correlation between CFD and performance test results

Key Skills:
• Fluent/Star CCM+ User
• Theory of Flow Dynamics, Fluid mechanics, heat transfer principles.
• Sound engineering knowledge and scientific principles
• Awareness of fundamentals and workings of an engine and its subsystems
• Problem solving (diagnostics) techniques and approach.
• Project planning and time management.
• Ability to support with new methods and ideas ensuring a continuous improvement ethos.
• Attention to detail through all stages of processes ensuring errors/rework are minimised.
• Working with team and cross functionally
• Communicate effectively at all levels

• Fluent/Star CCM+ Advanced User
• Knowledge of emissions treatment (exhaust) systems will be advantageous
• Impact of flow/pressure dynamics within the exhaust system design at elevated temperatures
• Flow modelling for sprays of a different medium
• Optimisation of design for specific performance attributes

• Effective communication skills – willing to provide inputs to improving the product
• Team player
• Ability to multi-task
• Efficiency – in terms of quality of work as well as timing, with an ability to handle the programme demands and deliver
• Process-driven
• Integrity
• Motivated and driven
• Takes responsibility
• Completer/finisher mentality
• Confident and self-assured
• Values others and team worker

Key Responsibilities

• Evaluate designs for flow characteristics and performance metrics using fundamental CFD tools provided, against the targets specified by the project/programme. Carrying out preparation for CFD analysis: Modelling, creating fluid domains, mesh development, setting up boundary conditions, check convergence following standard guidelines and processes
• Provide clarity to the project teams to understand the impact of key attributes to the design proposal such as multi-phase flow characteristics, backpressure, flow uniformity, risk of deposits and heat transfer
• Interact effectively within analysis team and cross-functional teams to draw more information and provide technical support and advice for projects, and enabling continuous improvement
• To support product development through relevant CFD analysis for validation, while working within the NPI process – from initial concept and project definition through to design release
• Documentation of CFD analysis and results conducted across designs, preparation of technical reports and presentation of results to a wider audience
• Support exploration of new methods and techniques that will help improve efficiency and effectiveness of the simulation and analysis carried out
• Support analysis tasks that help drive correlation with test data with a view to understanding the impact of input parameters to performance attributes, sensitivity analysis
• Support development of robust process and procedures within the team
• Ability to manage immediate assigned workload to ensure timely delivery and data quality
• Responsibility of maintaining quality standards and accessibility by ensuring data is well stored and archived as necessary
• Demonstrate and uphold the company values
• Demonstrate a pro-activeness towards personal development
Understanding and adherence to the following:
• H&S policy and procedures
• Eminox business quality standard
Understand risk management in the context of IATF as applies to this role
• All group and Eminox policies and procedures

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