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Eminox Wolf Connected Technologies India Pvt Ltd is an Indo-British Joint Venture established in 2022, between Eminox and Auro Controls which was established to meet growing demand of wiring harnesses and cable assembly systems, worldwide.

With the market moving to increased connectivity and EV, there is a growing requirement for wiring harnesses of various types in on-road vehicles, marine vessels and equipment used in construction, and power generation. We recognise the demand for complex, low/medium volume and high-quality wiring harnesses on short lead times.

In response to these market demands, we have created a world class manufacturing facility in one of Asia’s fastest growing industrial hubs, Chakan, Pune, India.

Range of products and services

Eminox Wolf Connected Technologies can manufacture complex yet cost effective, high quality, reliable, small cable assemblies through to complex multipoint wiring harnesses and one-off items through to large quantities with batch scheduling, in line with customer requirements for common and niche applications. All items are manufactured to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards. 

Prototype, trial fit, singular and retrofit requirements are manufactured at our Eminox Gainsborough, UK manufacturing facility. This allows for close collaboration and communication with customers, including the facilitation of interim and final inspections, where required. Retrofit solutions can be installed at our sites, or at your choice of location. 

We provide reverse engineering, technical support, and full aftersales customer service. If your project requires digital-board manufacture, automated cutting/stripping/crimping capabilities, automated electrical test capabilities, automated crimp ‘pull test’ machinery or calibrated tooling, our team are happy to talk through the solutions we can provide from our UK or India facilities.

Manufacturing capabilities

We adopt best manufacture methods (IPC/WHMA-A-620) and, use high-quality products sourced from industry recognised suppliers to meet customer budgets and timescales. We rationalise assembly time and component use to deliver within your budget and timescales. 

Our compliant and robust quality processes (ISO 9001:2015) deliver cost-effective and durable automotive wiring harness or cable assembly designs and we can also supply custom cables. To ensure optimum performance and reliability we conduct 100% test and inspection by our team, for every wiring harness or assembly we build.

Our production machinery includes Komax machinery and high precision crimping applicators from Mecal, our expert team manufacture wire harness products from our 14,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, in India.

Wiring harnesses - Eminox

Volumes to suit your requirements

No matter what the volume of product you require we can support you with your request. 

Larger quantities are manufactured at our Eminox Wolf Connected Technologies HQ in India, where we manufacture and export wiring harness products, globally. This brings great flexibility to our service offering and adaptability to meet the needs of our global customers.

All our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015, IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards.

World class customer service

No matter what the volume of product you require we can support you with your request.  Customer care and client satisfaction is paramount to us, we will provide full support from our experienced team who are dedicated to meeting your needs and delivering on our promises.”

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